Precor develops and creates complete solutions for comercial and personal application

Precor considers that exercising is essential. This simple and long-standing principle has been our focus in order to improve the costumer experience for over 35 years. Our reputation in the sector is undisputable and due to the continued development and delivery of state of the art products and services we can help you have more satisfied costumers and improve your commercial success.

Precor was founded in 1980 in Seattle (Washington), and achieved it’s reputation because of the quality, excellence and innovation of it’s services. In 1995, Precor changed the image of aerobic exercises by presenting to the world the first Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer. In 2011, Precor launched the next generation of cardiovascular equipments: Experience Series, before unravelling Preva Networked Fitness e the new AMT with Open Stride. Precor continued to diversify with new brands: Queenax y Spinning®. Queenax, an unique functional training module, was bought by Precor in 2015. At the same time, Precor collaborated exclusively with Mad Dogg Athletics®, owner of the brand Spinning®, the most known indoor cycling brand and a brand that has the biggest community of fans and instructors.