Rui Fortuna

Rui Fortuna

EXS Professor - Exercise School.

EXS Master – TEF 4376 certificate 
Postgraduate Personal Training – ULHT
Business Management – Católica Porto Business School


Rui started studying Business Management but it was inevitable that he would dedicate himself to the area of ​​Physical Exercise.
EXS Master, Postgraduate Personal Training – ULHT, Management – Católica Porto Business School, TEF 4376 certificate
Specialist in Exercise Mechanics, in 2012 he attended the Resistance Institute (ERA Introduction ©) – Spain, in 2013 he obtained a postgraduate degree in Personal Training; in 2015 he studied with the Resistance Training Specialist © Practical 123 (Portugal – USA representation) and in 2016 he was certified Master EXS – Exercise School.

Vertebral Column and Strength Training: reflection on the disproportionality between needs and resources

Fórum Lisboa

Analysis of the topicality of spine training. Sciences: articular anatomy, articular physiology, muscle anatomy, muscle physiology and exercise mechanics. Practical context: How to assess the high inter / intra-individual variability. Proposal for a new paradigm: Operational model of decision making