Exercise Summit is an event that wants to innovate by promoting the development of a scientific culture, opening doors to all inovative projects. For this reason, we decided to develop a project that supports and stimulates teens in the scientific research area with the Young Investigator Exercise Summit Prize.

The candidates can submit their project in the Sports and Life Science areas since 2019. The projects will be selected on the basis of their scientific merits, inovative potential, connection to society and other criterias. In the end, the Evaluattion Panel, comprised of representatives of the scientific body, will choose the 3 best projects that will be presented in the Exercise Summit 2021. These 3 projects will have the opportunaty to present them in public, the winner will be communicated in the ending of the Exercise Summit 2021.

The winner receives a prize of 1500 euros.



The inscriptions are open for the Young Investigator Prize 2021 until 31 of january 2021. Download the regulation here and begin your process by completing the form below and attach an introduction for your project.

Start your sign up process.